Rachel Shuttleworth

I am a recent graduate from Cardiff University, with a First Class Honours Degree in Ancient History, and I have started as a freelance composer under the brand Dragon Egg Music (I thought it sounded cool - I blame my love for both Wales and 'Spyro The Dragon'!). I started composing soundtracks for my university's TV station and film society (despite their mispelling of my name that I did, and still do, find quite funny). I also create my own music under the alias 'Cashuw'. I like to incorporate everyday sounds to create experimental songs. I am highly keen on working on films, tv and games. I am registered with BASCA.  

I would love to work on your projects, I am easy to contact and can create soundtracks remotely. If you are interested in my portfolio and would like a soundtrack for your project, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your vision for what kind of music you would like. Do check out my music and let me know if you are interested!

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